Aspiring for Community Transformations (AC‚ÄčT)

About Us!


ACT has the desire to explore vulnerable, under-served and unduplicated populations particularly in rural areas.  We currently serve South Arkansas but look forward to expanding our ideology to other rural areas.   The groups ACT has identified with includes those who suffer from mental health challenges, substance abuse/dependence, victims of intimate partner violence, homelessness, chronic poverty, LGBTQ, elderly, immigrants, to provide persons who suffer from a disability (physical and/or developmental disabilities), and at-risk juveniles.  

Mission And Vision

Our Mission

To improve the lives of those who are under-served, under-privileged and misrepresented in order for them to thrive.

Our Vision

To positively transform the lives of individuals in order for them to create opportunities for self, others and community.

ACT together for our communities' futures.