Aspiring for Community Transformations (AC‚ÄčT)

Services & Supports


Peer Support 

Peer support workers are people who have been successful in the recovery process who help others experiencing similar situations.

Care Coordination

Care coordination is the process of helping a person with behavioral health issues to access a range of different services in a way that helps them get better, and works towards their recovery.

Crisis Intervention

Crisis Intervention (also referred to as "emergency services") is an intensive, short- term way to help people cope with and overcome serious personal crises.

Preventative Mental Health 

Mental health prevention, or 'public mental health', is often used to refer to efforts to stop mental health problems before they emerge.

Collaboration Services 

A collaborative service is a service that supports cooperative work among people by providing shared access to common resources.

School and Law Enforcement Services 

Working with local schools and law enforcement agencies to not only help citizens but to help school officials and law enforcement officers.  

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